“Experience the Life of Jesus”

Dear Friends,

In July of 2019 we embarked with a group of friends on a life-changing journey to Israel. This was an amazing experience that blessed us beyond imagination. Kevin and I have been extremely blessed to be involved in communicating Jesus’ message of love, truth and grace throughout much of our careers and it has been an amazing journey.

Many who joined us and many who did not, have communicated with us their desire to join us on another trip to the Holy Land. Kevin and I have heard your call and have decided now is the time to go.

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to join us on this most unique journey to Israel, May 17 - 28, 2023. Our adventure to the Holy Land is in conjunction with Dr. Ron Wexler and the Heritage Study Programs, an organization that has been taking Christians to Israel for over thirty years.

Our Journey will take us to Biblical locations where we will study with top Jewish and Christian scholars and of course walk in the footsteps of Jesus. We will visit all the Biblical and historical Christian and Jewish sites, including the Western Wall, the Temple Mount, the Sea of Galilee, the Stations of the Cross, Mt Zion, Mt. of Olives and much more. You will experience the Bible come alive right before your very eyes!

This will be a fascinating, most memorable expedition and tour of Israel - don't miss the opportunity and bring your family and friends.

We look forward to you joining with us in this experience of a lifetime!

Sam & Kevin Sorbo